Shakila Karim -


London born Shakila first started singing before she could speak and hasn’t stopped since. Shakila first played the violin at 4 and then started playing the recorder. It was the piano that really gave her the creative freedom she wanted and she also learnt to play the ukulele.

Using all her skill and knowledge Shakila released her first song ‘Just Let It Go’ at 13. The next track was ‘Heroes’ a charity song to raise money for Help for Heroes. Others followed including ‘Thank You For The Sunshine’ a tribute song to all the people who made the London 2012 Olympic Games a success.

20 year old Shakila is inspired by many great artists like Stevie Wonder, Freddie Mercury, Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey to name a few. But it was Michael Jackson who has had the greatest influence on Shakila and she was mesmerised the first time she saw him sing and dance on tv.

Shakila has been performing at some top venues including Club Wembley and the Royal Albert Hall. She has performed at music festivals across the country and on radio stations. Shakila’s working on her first EP which she will be releasing soon.

More information on Shakila and her career to date can be found on her Wikipedia page.